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Clejuso Model 13 Medium Weight Handcuffs

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Clejuso Model 13 Medium Weight Handcuffs. These handcuffs are huge by most standards, but are still smaller than Model 15. One inch thick, weigh 35 ounces. Finger activated locks. Non-standard keys, 2 included.


  • Top Choice

    Posted by Carl Grant on Dec 16th 2019

    Top choice, quality, security comfort. Impressive weight tends to subdue subject. Perfect for transport.

  • Not just thick and heavy, but well engineered

    Posted by JB on Jul 1st 2017

    You can tell they mean business just by looking at them. Applying with the heavy side down and palms together is my preferred method. The size and weight make it very obvious that escape is not an option, which encourages resting instead of fidgeting.The large double-lock buttons are easily activated, even with gloves on, and there is a definite sound and feel when engaged. Note that unlike most handcuffs, the double-lock is undone by inserting the key and pressing DOWN firmly. The key will not rotate until you do this.The two cuffs, unlike any others Ive seen, are not mirror copies. If applied in the same orientation on both wrists, one keyhole will be up and one down, ensuring that one will be easily accessible.The only negative, which can be avoided by proper application, is that the thick width pressing against the full circumference of the wrist can reduce circulation more than standard handcuffs, which tend to dig in only at certain points.Highly recommended.