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Chicago Model L750 Restraint Chain

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Chicago Model L750 restraint chain with permanently attached Cuff Lock handcuff key padlock. Restraint has a steel link in front to accommodate handcuffs. Locks in back with welded padlock. Includes snap at end to tie off excess chain. Chain is 56".


  • Amazing belly chain

    Posted by Michael on Dec 23rd 2015

    I transport prisoners from the jail to the magistrate two times a week and arrest warrant suspects daily this is by far the best setup I have found, the permanent handcuff link allows me to leave the handcuffs on and secure the chain without having to be in front of the prisoner while screwing around with the link and with the lock being a handcuff key it makes taking it off easy, the excess chain is clipped to the lock loop giving a handle to keep control of the prisoner during movement. I switched my current partners setups from the master lock to the cop lock to make it easier for him