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Bare Minimum Handcuff Keys, Black, Pack of 3

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Bare Minimum Handcuff Keys are the smallest handcuff keys available. The small size and constriction materials make this handcuff key very hard to detect. Recommended for special forces and undercover missions. This handcuff key is sold in a 3 pack.


  • Great Purchase

    Posted by Andrew on Dec 4th 2019

    I really, really, really, love these little guys. I use them as covert shoelace keys. With a little heat shrink tubing you can turn the tip of your shoelace into a covert key. It makes for successful escape and evasion.

  • 6:6 worked

    Posted by Ed on Nov 9th 2019

    As an emergency back up, single use concealable key, its a reliable choice. A stiffer material (resin?) and, perhaps, more ergonomic grip would make it a 5. Pair this in a shoe or belt (or? EDC) with half a small, ceramic blade and you have a decent and tiny escape kit.