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ASP Ankle Ultra Plus Cuffs


ASP Ankle Ultra Plus Cuffs are a high-quality, durable restraint system designed for use by law enforcement and security professionals. These high-quality leg irons are made from lightweight, corrosion-resistant materials and feature a double-locking mechanism for added security. The black leg iron frame is reinforced forged aluminum and the swinging arms are high strength steel. The asymmetrical design ensures a comfortable fit on the ankle, while the smooth ratcheting action allows for quick and easy application.

The ASP Ankle Ultra Plus Cuffs are designed to be used in conjunction with traditional handcuff systems, providing an additional level of security and restraint for individuals who may be particularly combative or at risk of escape. ASP leg irons are strong and secure, yet lightweight and easy to carry, making them a great option for transporting prisoners or maintaining control in potentially dangerous situations. ASP leg irons come with one standard ASP handcuff key and are backed by ASP's reputation for producing top-quality restraint systems. If you need a reliable way to secure individuals, the ASP Ankle Ultra Plus Cuffs are a great option.