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ASP Ultra Hinged Handcuffs with Steel Swinging Bows, 3 Pawl 66119


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These cuffs continue the ASP Ultra Handcuffs line is continued with these. The ASP model 66119 is much like the Ultra cuff with steel bows that are the standard Ultra cuffs. The main distinguishing feature is the hinge that connects the two individual cuffs, adding a measure of security and control to the cuffs. They are made with a forged aluminum external frame that is extremely strong and rigid yet lightweight affording the cuffs a heightened sense of utility. Adding to the security of this pair of cuffs is the 3-pawl system that works within the locking mechanism. This provides an additional barrier to escape as it is more difficult to shim and remains the European standard. Opens with standard handcuff key, 1 key included. DISCONTINUED