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ASP Sentry Handcuff Case - Fits Sentry Handcuffs Only


The ASP Sentry handcuff case proves that in order to innovate, you do not need to complicate. The simplistic design of this handcuff case is part of its genius. The ASP Sentry handcuff case is molded as a single piece and is designed specifically for ASP Sentry handcuffs. This handcuff case is very low profile and holds your handcuffs tightly in place. Your handcuffs will always be easily accessible and secure in this handcuff holder. ASP Ultra handcuffs are too big and won't fit in this case. Even though this handcuff case is designed specifically for ASP sentry handcuffs it will also fit most standard size handcuffs made by other brands. Fits 2 1/4" duty belt. 

For ASP Sentry Chain & Hinged Handcuffs. ASP Ultra & ASP Ultra Plus Handcuffs will not fit.