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ASP High Security Handcuff Key

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ASP High Security Handcuff Key for ASP 2 pawl handcuffs blue locksets. The high security key has a split bit and is smaller that standard. Works only with ASP 2 pawl handcuffs and Chicago X22 high security handcuffs.


  • High Security & Standard Cuff Key

    Posted by Philip on Apr 15th 2016

    The bow of this key has the same octagonal shape and branding as the standard ASP key but are colored black so that they can be more easily distinguished from standard handcuff keys.The black on the key seems to be some sort of glossy enamel coating, as opposed to chemical bluing.Unlike the standard ASP key it does not have the backset tab and it has the split bit (flag) for use in the ASP (blue) high security handcuffs.The most interesting thing about these keys is that, while they will open the ASP high security cuffs, they will open most all standard handcuffs as well.It is close in dimensions to the, TOOOL Ultimate Handcuff Key, designed to open the most handcuffs possible and be the, most universal.