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Key Style Double Pawl Handcuff Shim 2-Pack

Part Number: HCS03  

1" spring steel shim opens most standard handcuffs. Shaped like a key for easy grip with hole to fit on any keyring. The shim slides between the ratchet and the teeth of the handcuffs to quickly release the locking mechanism. Works ONLY when handcuffs are single-locked.
Handcuff Shims only works on handcuffs that have been single locked;

double-locked handcuffs require keys, picking or rapping.

The basic shim technique works on most Universal Handcuffs, with the following

exceptions due to shim blocks:

• Korean Yuil

• ASP High Security Cuff

• Thompson Tri Max Security Cuffs

1. Insert the hand cuff shim into the handcuff between the single arm teeth and the ratchet (pawl).

Do not apply excessive force on the shim.

2. Tighten the hand cuff by pushing on the single strand arm while simultaneously

sliding the shim between the single arm teeth and ratchet (pawl).

3. Once the shim is between the single arm teeth and ratchet (pawl), the lock

has been disengaged.

4. Rotate the wrist outward while holding the shim in place to release the hand

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