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Delta Handcuff key
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Delta Handcuff key Delta Handcuff key Delta Handcuff key Delta Handcuff key  

Delta Handcuff key

Part Number: HCDK  


Delta advanced handcuff key by Hardcase Survival. This compact coated stainless steel handcuff key is designed to work with standard as well as high security  (split pawl) handcuffs. One key to open multiple handcuff types that is easily concealed due to its small size and weight. This handcuff key weighs in at just 1 gram. The Delta Handcuff Key features a full slit allowing it to bypass the security plate on ASP Model 100 handcuffs, the Delta Handcuff key will work with Russian BRS, German Clejuso, Korean Yuil and other handcuffs that share a similar keyways as well as standard Smith & Wesson and Peerless type handcuffs. 

 Average Rating:  4 Star Rating
 based on 2 Customer Reviews  
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   Well-made but too short, June 22, 2018  By Anonymous (Phoenix, AK)
This product works well, but trying to unlock your standard chained-linked Smith and Wesson double-lock cuffs from the front and while looking is very difficult (escape/evasion situation). The shaft of the key should have been at least 1/2 inch longer + extremely hard to get any torque on this to be usable in a realistic situation. Disappointed. Requires 10 times the training time and tweaking (using a bobby pin to get traction, etc.) to do what the same exact product would have enabled you to do if it had been 0.5-1 inch longer, with no loss of concealement whatsoever.
   Key, May 23, 2017  By Larry Gordon (Huntington Beach, CA)(Verified)
You can hide this key any where in your clothes

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