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ASP LockWrite Handcuff Key Pen

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New from ASP: The LockWrite Handcuff Key Pen. Patented by a police officer and manufactured to ASP's high standards. Functional and stylish pen with durable heat treated ASP handcuff key at end. Available in black with silver or gold trim. Each LockWrite pen comes with 2 black cartridges. 1 is in the pen plus an extra replacement. When a cartridge runs out of ink, simply send back to ASP and they will send you a new cartridge in a color of your choice (black, blue, or red). This is a lifetime replacement policy! ASP LockWrite Pen Ink Cartridges
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Handcuff Key Personalization
We are able to etch about 20 characters nicely onto this handcuff key pen. Please only enter what you would like engraved on this page. Additional instructions can be added at checkout. Personalized handcuff key orders normally ship out the same business day if the order is received before 1pm EST.
 Average Rating:  4.5 Star Rating
 based on 12 Customer Reviews  
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   handcuff key pen., March 14, 2020  By Less (Farmington Hills, MI)(Verified)
Wonderful product. Do you have the refills ??????
   Generally good, buy it., September 25, 2019  By Aumage (Indianapolis, IN)(Verified)
Thought this was an amazing idea. First night I used this I was in search for 12 hours so it was tested fully (70+ cuffs and leg shakles).

It opened all but one old pair that badly needed oil.

Downsides: it's long so if the keyhole is down this is hard to use. Have to hold it from the front half or the top twists and loosens. The pen clip bent about 15 degrees out of strait but it bent back easily.

Had it for 2 weeks. It's awesome and would buy it again. Also writes well, took about 2 days for smooth writing though.
   Handcuff key pen, June 6, 2018  By Anonymous (Cumberland, RI)
This pen was a great gift for my husband. He was in need for a new handcuff key at the same time he was given this as a gift. He absolutely loved it. Said it clips tightly to his uniform pocket and stays in place. Highly recommend this handcuff key pen!! And the etching came out awesome!
   Best pen ever, March 7, 2018  By Todd (IN)(Verified)
As a corrections officer and reserve deputy this pen was worth every penny. With it being a cuff key and also a pen it's 2 of the most used tools in Law Enforement. Made from excellent quality. The only thing I would change on it would be to have a double lock point instead of using the pen head.
   Pen, June 26, 2017  By Anonymous (lex, SC)
Great Pen. Works great and looks professional.
   Awesome tool, May 19, 2017  By Cheryl (North Las Vegas, NV)
Love the product, one more thing off my belt to make noise. Gold per uniform standards. Writes good too .
   Superb Product, January 21, 2017  By Webster R. Miller (Anderson, SC)(Verified)
Amazing product to have and it is extremely useful in the field
   LOVE!, August 27, 2016  By Anonymous (Phoenix, AZ)
Love it. When it's in your outer carrier or shirt pocket it appears all gold. Very classy.
   I absolutely love this pen!, May 10, 2016  By Dalton Salisbury (Carmichael, CA)
I absolutely love this pen.

I am of the mentality that "one is none,two is one,and three might be enough" when it comes to 100% essential gear. This pen acts as my "third" tool.

I've had to shave down the key flag to unlock some cheaper cuffs (Rothco) as the Peerless ket flag post is too tall - this pen is snug, but unlocks the Rothco cuffs without much hassle.

While I wouldn't recommend using the ballpoint pen tip to engage the double lock on a daily basis, it will absolutely work in a pinch (tested on Peerless 700C, and Rothco cuffs) and feels up to the task. With lifetime replacement ink cartridges, it shouldn't be something you worry about when you do.

The body itself feels very sturdy, and would probably work as a makeshift kubotan. I The pocket clip looks very nice, and would accentuate any uniform nicely (I own the black version).

The ballpoint pen isn't the absolute best I've ever written with, but definitely in the top 10%-15%, and absolutely not worth taking away a star.
   Great Dual Purpose Pen, April 9, 2016  By Anonymous (Fairfield, CA)
This dual purpose pen not only works as a pen but also a handcuff key. It is made of very sturdy metal and yet sleek enough to wear professionally. This pen works great since I am assigned to administration. I have ordered two I like them so much.
   Very nice pen, December 19, 2015  By Anonymous (Lancaster, PA)
I like this concept very much only one problem, there is no way to double lock with this pen. Overall like it very much.
   Great Product, November 10, 2015  By Anonymous (West Point, IA)
I got tired of having extra items in my pockets or on my key ring. This product is perfect!!!
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ASP Twist Open LockWrite Handcuff Key Pen
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