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4Zero Disposable Double Restraints With Pull Loops

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4Zero cuffs are becoming more and more popular as users discover how efficient the quad loop design is. The two large loops are used in securing the prisoner and the smaller loops are used to apply and tighten the restraints. Traditional double loop disposable restraints are harder to apply as the user has to tighten the cuffs one side at a time and there is no grip or tab to grasp while applying the restraints. Restraints intended for field use come in two colors: black and white. Red 4Zero cuffs are non locking and are intended for training purposes only.

4ZERO cuffs are manufactured under ISO 9000 certification to ensure consistent quality & reliability. The 4ZERO Cuff's unique features gives the officer greater control and the ability to stabilize the subject with speed and precision even in extreme conditions. Red 4ZERO Cuffs are available for training purposes only. 4ZERO Training Cuffs are Releasable, allowing an individual to remove the cuffs without a removal tool.


  • Disposable Restraint Cuffs

    Posted by Jordan on Sep 26th 2018

    These disposable restraint loops are awesome. They work as expected, are easy to use and carry and are very durable/strong. The red practice cuffs are a great way to practice and teach with.

  • Zero cuffs

    Posted by Brian Gleason on Feb 17th 2017

    Very interesting model. Quick application