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Tactical Handcuffing

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"Tactical Handcuffing For Chain & Hinged-Style Handcuffs" by John G Peters, Jr., 1988. "This is the most comprehensive and authoritative text ever written on handcuffs and metal restraints. It's 24 chapters are filled with several hundred photographs and contain over 200 clear line drawings. Chapter I contains a comprehensive history of restraint equipment. Starting in 4004 BC, the author brings the reader, through line art, photographs, and artistic drawings, into the 20th Century. The balance of the text shows the reader how to apply handcuffs in a variety of situations. Other topics include the medical implications of handcuffing, hogtying, and the use of thumbcuffs. There is also a chapter on the transportation of prisoners. 304 pages, it includes a thorough bibliography. It is more like an encyclopedia than a 'how-to' text on handcuffing. This text contains everything a police officer, defensive tactics instructor, lawyer, or general reader needs to know about handcuffs and their application. Criminal justice professors and students will also find the book to be an excellent resource."
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