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SureGuard® Safety Restraint Chair

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This correctional chair is full of features dedicated to keeping people restrained in a way that is both safe and secure for both the restrained party and those doing the restraining. This chair includes brakes and a wider stance to keep the restrained party from attempting to move the chair on their own action. The gray color creates a clear contrast between the chair and straps so you can find them easier in low light conditions.

The SureGuard™ Restraint Chair safely restrains a combative or self-destructive person. Ultra-tough shoulder and wrist restraint belts hold the individual in position, yet do not restrict the chest area to affect normal breathing. Allows for safe prisoner transport by a single officer to court or hospital. This chair is designed to reduce your liability in situations where it is necessary to transport someone who may be combative. This chair offers substantial enough security to eschew the need for additional personnel in transport all while reducing the cost required to do so.

The convenient angle of the seat and back foster both a calmer demeaner in the restrained and an easier angle for leverage during transport. The backrest features restraints that can adjust up to 4 settings for amore adjustable experience along with a small space designed to allow the removal of handcuffs. The footrest is coated with a nonskid surface to further safeguard the restrained party.

Belts secure with CAM buckles that unlock with a standard handcuff key.

The SureGuard™ Restraint Chair is covered with PermaBlok advanced vinyl that is non-porous, anti- stain and abrasion resistant. Easily cleaned, antibacterial and antimicrobial. 1 1/2" high density foam padding for comfort. Holds up to 350 lbs.

Free instructional video included.

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  • Awsome

    Posted by Big Haas on Sep 14th 2017

    Very effective restraint no chance of escaping calms you down quite well