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Rivolier Model 03043 Leg Irons

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Rivolier Model 03043 High Security Leg Irons. These leg irons are counterparts to the 03045 high security handcuffs. Leg irons unlock with the barrel key when in single lock. They double lock with a tumbler lock and key. Both keys are required when in double lock position. The double lock tumbler keys are keyed uniquely for each set- they are not interchangeable if you have multiple sets. This results in a very high level of security when double locked. Aluminum bodies with steel swinging bows and chain. Steel plates riveted to each side of the back parts of the swinging bows make the leg irons non-swing through. Leg irons open 9" to 11". Weigh 19 ounces. 17" distance between leg irons. 1 barrel key and 2 tumbler keys included.