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Restraints Inc. Belly Chain Bags

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Restraints Inc.’s Belly Chain Bag (Patent Pending) is designed to provide extra security for those detainees/ patients (subjects) that are prone to escape from standard waist restraints (belly chains) or standard handcuffs and/or attempt to harm themselves and others while restrained. This Belly Chain Bag will isolate each hand from the other as well as from the subject’s waist.

Subjects have, in the past, secreted handcuffs keys or other lock pick devices in their waist area that they have used to release themselves from handcuffs. Restraints Inc.’s Belly Chain Bag acts to isolate each hand from the waist minimizing access to secreted contraband.

Although restrained, subjects are sometimes able to injure their wrist and waist areas by continually pulling at the handcuffs. Restraints Inc Belly Chain Bag further restrains the subject’s hands and arms to lessen the chance of self-inflicted injury.

Handcuffs / Belly Chain are sold separately.