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Fast Action Control Techniques

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You can't handcuff a person who isn't controlled. This new video for law enforcement and security professionals demonstrates bare-bones tactics for handcuffing violent and uncooperative subjects in real world situations. "Get ready to rock! This is not a standard defensive tactics video where each compliance technique is demonstrated on a stationary cooperative subject. In the real world, an officer will face hundreds of highly resistive and combative subjects. Many times these subjects are already engaged in ongoing physical conflicts when an officer arrives. Police defensive tactics instructor and field training officer George Vranos has spent 16 years closely studying how these subjects physically resist during emotionally charged situations. After researching and testing hundreds of applications, Vranos has blended the best nerve attacks, wrestling moves, and joint locks into each Fast Action Control Technique. Watch this 145 pound officer easily control even the most highly resistant subjects with these street proven techniques! In his Fast Action Demonstrations, Vranos will reveal what is considered to be one of the best practical custody and control systems ever seen on video!"

45 minutes, DVD format only.

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   Recently purchased, May 4, 2017  By Anonymous (Nyc, NY)(Verified)
Every thigh I ordered was to my satisfaction DVD was good quality and informative shims are good quality and work very well.Will purchase other things as needed.

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