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ASP Identifier Tactical Hinged Handcuffs

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ASP Tactical Hinged Handcuffs provide a major advance in both the design and construction of wrist restraints. Frame geometry is the result of extensive computer modeling and simulation analysis. Strength potential has been maximized through use of an interlocking, unitized frame. The cuff structure is forged from high strength stainless steel on custom built, high speed progressive dies. Each restraint is then overmolded with ordinance grade polymer under 75 tons of pressure. The lock assembly is unitized and replaceable." Features include a dual keyway accessible from both sides, a yellow indicator to alert you to double lock, and very smooth action. Colored handcuffs available in  blue, brown, orange, gray, and yellow. 1 handcuff key included.

ASP56111 Black Hinged Handcuffs are no longer available. They have been replaced by the new ASP Ultra Hinged Handcuff
Usually ships the same business day.
Handcuff Personalization
We offer personalized laser etching on handcuffs, leg irons, restraint chains, and padlocks. Please only enter what you would like engraved on this page. Additional instructions can be added at checkout. Personalized handcuff orders normally ship out the same business day if the order is received before 1pm EST
 Average Rating:  4.5 Star Rating
 based on 27 Customer Reviews  
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   ASP hinged cuffs in BLUE, February 26, 2020  By Anonymous (San Diego, CA)
They’re awesome! I love the ASP products, especially they’re hinged cuffs since they’re easy to preset, can’t spin on you for easier cuffing, and it’s cool that they come in different colors!
   ASP CUFFS, January 14, 2020  By Anonymous (Marion, IA)
Love them never had any issues with them and they get used daily.
   Great Handcuffs, October 8, 2019  By James Townsend (Douglasville, GA)(Verified)
Excellent handcuffs, they work well. They give you an advantage when arresting a perpetrator.
   Patrolman, September 25, 2019  By Anonymous (Warrenton, MO)(Verified)
By far best set of handcuffs I've used in 14 years of law enforcement. I'm kicking myself for not buying these sooner. Outstanding product.
   Hand cuffs, August 14, 2019  By Mike (Lancaster, CA)
Awesome pair of handcuffs and key, I like the free etching that they offer
   Excellent Product, May 8, 2019  By James Townsend (Douglasville)(Verified)
These cuffs work extremely well. They are the best one I have used in almost 19 years as a BEA.
   Awesome deal!, April 9, 2019  By Rey D. (El Paso, TX)(Verified)
Great product, great price, exceptional service, and fast shipping!
   Asp cuff review, January 5, 2019  By Anonymous (Atlanta, GA)(Verified)
Great cuffs!!! Plan to shop here often!
   Original ASP Color Hinge Handcuffs, December 22, 2018  By Anonymous (Buford, GA)(Verified)
It's a good product, has some nice features. But it does have it's flaws as well. The biggest one, is the ratchet can miss-align with the pawl and not engage. But this model has been discontinued, and a replacement model is now available, maybe they have addressed this issue.
   ASP Are the Best, June 16, 2018  By Sean b (Columbus, OH)
These ASP handcuffs are so smooth and the functionality to double lock and have a key hole on both sides is so convenient! The only problem i have is getting the yellow ones as they get dirty quickly! Other than that they are perfect! Also the customization stands out from everyone else.
   One of the best around, October 7, 2017  By Anonymous (Bethpage, TN)
Work very well. If you have large hands, they are easy to use compared to regular cuffs, a nice firm grip.
   ASP, September 30, 2017  By Bohrer (Panama City, FL)(Verified)
These are great cuffs, easy to put on a suspect. Quality product. Use them as much as my smith and Wesson hinge cuffs.
   Great Set, July 31, 2017  By Anonymous (Dallas)
I bought my husband and I both a pair! I love the free engraving (also a plus in a double PD household, so I can make sure he doesn't take my stuff ha). I loved the fast shipping. This is my favorite set of cuffs. Now I just wish they would make a purple pair.
   Fast shipping and light, February 10, 2017  By JoeyP (New Britain, CT)
Free engraving, FAST shipping and very durable light cuffs...
   Best Service and a great product, January 31, 2017  By Anonymous (Albany, OR)(Verified)
Excellent product well worth the money definitely coming back to purchase more items from you fokes. Service was just as good as the product. Communication with my rep was excellent. Thanks again for everything
Will be talking to you soon
   Excellent, January 25, 2017  By Anonymous (Williamstown)(Verified)
Strong sturdy feel and the cuff mechanism is very free and fluent when applying them
   Great cuffs, October 8, 2016  By Anonymous (Franklin, TN)(Verified)
These cuffs shipped very quickly! Love the orange color and the engraving!
   Great cuffs!, August 3, 2016  By Anonymous (Fort Worth, TX)
These cuffs are durable and they are very smooth when putting on subjects.
   Duty tested, April 2, 2016  By Nicole (NY)
Great, lightweight, durable, these are in my daily rotation on duty along with Peerless 703C Superlite as backups.

Hinge is tough, provided much better restriction of unruly subjects at a "protest" last week

Highly recommended
   Great quality, February 16, 2016  By Yelena  (Franklin, TN)
Great quality cuffs.
   ASP Hinged cuffs, February 6, 2016  By Raymond (Dartmouth)
ASP Hinged are by far the best hinged cuffs i bought so far. They work great have had no issues with them so far.
   Thoroughly satisfied, November 5, 2015  By Miss Nikki (Atlanta)
Great cuffs and it makes it better with them in pink. They came in a matter of 2-3 days.
   ASP Hinged, October 9, 2015  By Bob (Bradley, IL)
Fast two day delivery. Great product and the etching looks great.
   Outstanding Cuffs, August 26, 2015  By Marc (Cayce, SC)
I was always a fan of Smith & Wesson cuffs until finally I broke down and got a set of ASP handcuffs. I am now a convert to ASP! The hinge cuffs are outstanding and lightweight. I recommend them to anyone who wants to upgrade to a great set of cuffs.
   yellow handcuffs, August 25, 2015  By Pejaman (boca raton, FL)
this handcuff is the best. it is so light weight and double lucks with the same key. so easy to use.
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