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ASP Ultra Hinged Handcuffs, Aluminum Bows, 3 Pawl 66120

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ASP Ultra Hinged Handcuffs with Aluminum Swinging Bows and triple pawl locksets for extra security. ASP's revolutionary new design represents a major advance in handcuff technology. The Ultra handcuffs are made with a forged aluminum external frame that is extremely strong and rigid yet lightweight. This makes them substantially more rigid than the standard ASP handcuffs that are made with a steel inner frame and polymer overmold. This ensures that they swing through accurately without the possibility that they will flex out of alignment when arresting an uncooperative suspect. Manufacturer's product code: 66120.

ASP Ultra handcuffs include all of the advanced features of their other handcuffs including smooth rounded edges and conical bows, double sided keyways, and interchangeable lock sets. Weigh 8.7 ounces. 1 standard key included. Requires oversized handcuff case.


  • ASP Ultra Aluminum Cuffs

    Posted by Jeff Anderson on Sep 14th 2018

    These are a great pair of handcuffs. Being aluminum they are a little lighter than a standard set. The thing that sets these cuffs apart from the rest is not just the keyhole on both sides of each cuff, but that you can double lock the cuffs and unlock the double lock from the main keyhole. If you turn the key the opposite direction (normally used to release the double lock) it engages the double lock. When unlocking the cuffs, you dont need to turn the key both directions to unlock the double lock, then separately unlock the handcuffs moving the key the other direction. One turn of the key releases the double lock and releases the single arm. The cuffs look great in the all black. The only down side, which is minor, is they are larger than a standard pair of cuffs and require an oversized cuff case. I highly recommend these handcuffs.