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New Arrivals

Chicago Colored Police Handcuffs: Chicago police handcuffs are now available in 4 colors. Blue, Pink, Purple and Orange.

Colored Handcuffs

ASP Identifier Rigid Ultra Handcuffs: ASP Transport Rigid handcuffs are now available in 4 colors. Blue, Pink, Yellow and Gray.

Colored Transport Handcuffs

Waist Chains With Colored Handcuffs: The Model 7002 Waist Chain is designed for maximum security situations. Colored handcuffs are required in special security situations and to keep track of certain sets. Handcuffs are available in Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange and Pink

Handcuff Cleaner

Break Free Handcuff Cleaner: We recommend the use of Break Free CLP lubricant to protect the black finish of your handcuffs. Adding a fine layer of protectant to the surface of black handcuffs will prevent oxidation and prolong the life of your handcuffs.

Handcuff Cleaner

ASP Blue Line Handcuffs: Back the blue with these new handcuffs from ASP. Available in Chain & Hinged these handcuffs are all black with a blue stripe through each cuff.

ASP Blue Line Chain HandcuffsASP Blue Line Hinged Handcuffs

ASP Transport Kit: New: ASP Transport Kit. The ASP transport kit is designed to be used with their transport rigid handcuffs. Combine the two products to create a secure prisoner transport restraint.

ASP Transport Kit

ASP Transport Rigid Handcuffs: ASP Transport Handcuffs. Are used in conjunction with the ASP Transport kit to create a secure prisoner transport restraint.

ASP Transport Handcuffs

ASP Ultra Colored Hinged Handcuffs: ASP Ultra Hinged handcuffs are now available with blue, gray, yellow and pink inlaid strips.

ASP Colored Chain Handcuffs

ASP Ultra Colored Chain Handcuffs: ASP Identifier Ultra Chain Handcuffs have an inlaid aluminum color strip for easier identification.

ASP Colored Chain Handcuffs

Peerless Superlite Colored Handcuffs: Introducing the new Peerless Model 730C – Superlite chain link handcuff with Cerakote colored finish. Weighing in at just 5.2 ounces the Model 730 is nearly half the weight of a typical standard chain link handcuff.

Peerless Superlite Colored Handcuffs

Cuff-Maxx High Security Transport Box: Cuff-Maxx High Security Transport Box. Prevents tampering by keeping keyholes completely covered. Works with Peerless 710 high security handcuffs and Smith & Wesson Model 100HS high security handcuffs.

Cuff-Maxx High Security Transport Box

Colored Personalized Handcuff Keys: Engravable handcuff keys are now available in 4 colors. Red, Pink, Blue and Gray.

Peerless Waist Chain

Peerless Oversized Waist Chain: Peerless now makes their oversized waist chain in 3 variations. You can get standard handcuffs with a long chain, oversized handcuffs with a long chain, or oversized handcuffs with a standard chain.

Peerless Waist Chain

Hiatt Collectible Handcuffs: We recently got the opportunity to purchase a "lot" of vintage Hiatt handcuffs. A gun store in Arizona had these laying around and contacted us to see if we were interested in the handcuffs. It turns out there were a few items we haven't seen before. Be sure to check out our new page before they are gone!

Hiatt Handcuffs

Safariland Red Handcuffs: SOLD OUT Safariland discontinued their colored handcuffs but we were able to get some more red ones they had lying around

Red Safariland Handcuffs

Urban Security and Survival Kit: Our new survival kit includes 2 polymer handcuff keys, 2 handcuff shims and a bogota titanium entry tool set. Complete with Glue Dots to secure and hide your survival kit.

Urban Security and Survival Kit

New Cuff Clip! Our new Cuff Clip is a convenient, efficient and safe way to carry as many as 13 pairs of handcuffs. The cuff clip is designed to be worn with a standard size 2.25 in duty belt and consists of a heavy duty nickel plated steel main spring welded to a pair of belt loops.

New Handcuff Warehouse Cuff Clip

Yuil Handcuffs: Back in stock! We were out of Yuil handcuffs for a little while but we are excited to now have everything back on the website and available for immediate shipment.

Yuil Model M-11-1 Hinged Nickel Plated Steel Handcuffs

Twister Handcuff Key: This key is designed to be balanced and easy to grip. It features a standard bit that will work on all standard US handcuffs and a large hole by the double lock pin for a key ring. This is a nice looking polished stainless steel handcuff key that is built to last.

Twister Stainless Steel Handcuff Key

ASP Ultra handcuffs chain & hinged are now in stock! We are excited to now have all available variations of the ASP ultra handcuffs. We have them in both traditional steel & lightweight aluminum. You can purchase them with a single pawl (traditional), double pawl (high security), or triple pawl (European) locking mechanism called the lockset.

ASP Ultra Chain Handcuffs - Single PawlASP Ultra Hinged Handcuffs with Steel Swinging Bows

New Product Category: Handcuff & Lock picking. We are excited to now stock lock picking training tools for law enforcement and SERE programs. These law enforcement tools are extremely valuable in training for the unexpected.

Titanium Entry Tool Kit

Rigid Handcuff Holder by 5.11: There aren’t many handcuff cases for rigid & solid bar handcuffs so when 5.11 tactical released theirs we immediately ordered some. These are MOLE & duty belt compatible.

5.11 Rigid Cuff Holder

4Zero Disposable Restraints: These take the traditional double loop disposables to another level. 4Zero cuffs feature a unique pull tab making it easier to fasten the restraints. The quad loop design is unique to the brand and these have a tensile strength of 400lbs.

4Zero Disposable Double Restraints

Superlite Peerless Handcuffs: It has been a long time in the making but Peerless Handcuff Company has released their SuperLite handcuffs! These NIJ approved aluminum cuffs weigh in at just 5.2oz and come in black and gray.

Peerless Model 730 Ultralite Aluminum Handcuffs, SilverPeerless Model 730 Ultralite Aluminum Handcuffs, Black

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