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Fact Action Control Techniques II

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The FACT 2 DVD is actually 4 separate instructional DVDs put together on one amazing 2 hour & 20 minute instructional video! It is a great value for all self defense enthusiasts, mixed martial artists, and boxers! Police defensive tactics instructor and 20 year police veteran George Vranos teaches his hand to hand combat system in this amazing instructional video. Vranos, a boxing & grappling coach blends these two proven fighting styles into one of the most practical street fighting systems ever seen on video. Vranos says "Athletes makes the best street fighters, so let's train like athletes." Phase 1: The best of western boxing - to take out a street fighter fast. Then from a boxer's stance, he demonstrates a series of practical street takedowns into rock solid ground controls used to immobilize attackers. Phase 2: 8 two man footwork/hand fighting drills to build a fighter's balance & agility for quick angling, level changing & closing the gap. Phase 3: 24 drills to develop reflexive triggers to parry, block, slip, bob, counter - punch or wrestle to the pavement. Many pf these drills will not be seen on any other MMA arts or self defense. Phase 4: 7 sparring drills where the athletes must fight each other with a limited arsenal. They struggle to overcome the attacks while perfecting selected techniques and their timing to counter-punch or shoot in! Phase 5: 6 explosive preemptive strikes to end violence quickly. This video includes the four point blitz!
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