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ASP Extended Rigid Ultra High Security Handcuffs, Aluminum Bows, 2 Pawl (special key required) 46030

Part Number: ASP46030  

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The ASP Rigid Ultra Handcuff has a reinforced alloy bridge to ensure solid restraint and safety to officers and detainee’s alike. A forged aluminum external frame and aluminum swinging bows are incredibly rigid yet lightweight. These handcuffs include the ability to lock, unlock, and double lock on either side of the restraint via its dual keyway. Both the frame and the aluminum swinging bows are highly profiled to reduce injury from lateral force while the handcuffs are in use. These are non-folding and the lock sets are interchangeable. These are high security handcuffs and will not work with a standard key. 1 high security key included. 

Length: 9.125” 
Width: 3.125” 
Weight: 10.5 ounces. 

Part Number: ASP46030
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