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ASP Ultra Hinged Handcuffs, Aluminum Bows, 3 Pawl 66120

Part Number: ASP66120  
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ASP Ultra Hinged Handcuffs with Aluminum Swinging Bows and triple pawl locksets for extra security. ASP's revolutionary new design represents a major advance in handcuff technology. The Ultra handcuffs are made with a forged aluminum external frame that is extremely strong and rigid yet lightweight. This makes them substantially more rigid than the standard ASP handcuffs that are made with a steel inner frame and polymer overmold. This ensures that they swing through accurately without the possibility that they will flex out of alignment when arresting an uncooperative suspect. Manufacturer's product code: 66120.

ASP Ultra handcuffs include all of the advanced features of their other handcuffs including smooth rounded edges and conical bows, double sided keyways, and interchangeable lock sets. Weigh 8.7 ounces. 1 standard key included. Requires oversized handcuff case.

For a limited time we are offering a free handcuff case with the purchase of ASP Ultra Handcuffs! This is a high quality synthetic leather handcuff case made for us exclusively by ASP. The handcuff case is automatically added to your shopping cart.
Available exclusively through the Handcuff Warehouse. ASP made us some synthetic leather closed top handcuff cases that we are going to include with your purchase of ASP Ultra Handcuffs. Limit is one handcuff case per order. Model ASP86131 this case has a value of $34.85!
ASP Synthetic Leather Handcuff Case
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