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ASP Ultra Handcuffs with Steel Swinging Bows 56109

Part Number: ASP56109  

Free Etching 
The new ASP Ultra handcuffs are available now. ASP's revolutionary new design represents a major advance in handcuff technology. The Ultra handcuffs are made with a forged aluminum external frame that is extremely strong and rigid yet lightweight. This makes them substantially more rigid than the standard ASP handcuffs that are made with a steel inner frame and polymer overmold. This ensures that they swing through accurately without the possibility that they will flex out of alignment when arresting an uncooperative suspect. Manufacturer's product code: 56109.

ASP Ultra handcuffs include all of the advanced features of their other handcuffs including smooth rounded edges and conical bows, double sided keyways, and interchangeable lock sets. Weigh 8.9 ounces. 1 key included. Requires oversized handcuff case.

ASP Ultra handcuffs engrave very nicely. The white lettering created when we laser engrave these handcuffs results in a high contrast, permanent and very visible marking.

 Average Rating:  5 Star Rating
 based on 16 Customer Reviews  
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   Asp56109, April 15, 2020  By Angel Luis (New York, NY)(Verified)
The product looks and works great love that you guys were able to implement the apostrophi on my hand cuffs
   Asp steel forged handcuffs, April 8, 2020  By Charles Lacey (Las Vegas, NV)(Verified)
I love this product. They are seriously the smoothest, easiest handcuffs I've ever used. They're my go too when working, and recommending.
It's also nice that handcuff warehouse engraves them for free. The double sided key hole, and double lock is priceless.
   Very Happy, March 21, 2020  By Anonymous (Dallas, TX)
Cuffs were delivered in a timely fashion. Cuffs were great and the etching on them is nice and neat.
   Asp handcuffs, March 4, 2020  By Charles Lacey (Las Vegas, NV)(Verified)
Compared to the handcuffs I'm use to, these are super smooth and lighter. I love the double key whole and double lock. I won't be going back to what I know or am issues.
   Solid cuffs, great design, November 15, 2019  By Greg T (CA)
I have the original lightweight version of these cuffs. While I love the enhanced design elements of these cuffs (two-sided keyway, better shape, etc.), I was looking for something more “heavy duty,” using steel instead of aluminum, etc.

I am very impressed with this upgraded design. The weight is still a little less than standard cuffs, but these seem very solid. The quality of the workmanship is top-notch and everything is fitting and functioning well. I have also tested these with heavy-duty cuff keys and had no difficulty.

Highly recommended.
   Awesome, September 4, 2019  By Anonymous (Louisville, KY)(Verified)
Amazing cuffs, great price, and fast shipping.
   Best handcuffs I've had, April 2, 2019  By Anonymous (Troy, MI)
These are by far the best handcuffs I've owned in my 7 years in law enforcement. They are smooth and swing easily right out of the box. Lock and double lock access on both sides is a huge plus. I dont think I'll buy anything else after these.
   Very Nice, October 27, 2018  By Anonymous (Denton)
I love the way they slide well. No flex so no worries about struggling while cuffing and ending up with the bows going wide. Feel heavy and solid but nice glide. Very pleased.
   Perfect Handcuffs, July 12, 2018  By Anonymous (Dallas, TX)(Verified)
After trying a bunch of different cuffs, these are the ones that ride on my duty belt. They swing VERY smoothly right out of the box and have some subtle features that make them easier to use (I.e visual the double lock cue, key holes on both sides, etc)
They are a little bigger than standard cuffs, so you will need a new case, but they are worth it.
   Great Handcuffs, January 4, 2018  By Anonymous (Ripon, CA)
The ASP Ultra cuffs are top notch, and with the free engraving, I will not lose these to another officer, they will always be marked!!!
   Excellent quality, December 29, 2017  By Anonymous (Oregon, OH)
Excellent quality handcuffs at the best price I can find. Fast shipping, free shipping, and free engraving! Can't beat that.
   ASP Ultra Handcuffs with Steel Swinging Bows 56109, October 2, 2017  By Anonymous (New London, NC)
I really like the handcuffs. I love the fact it doesn't matter how you place them on an individual, you have the key lock on either side to adjust or remove the cuffs.
   Great, May 11, 2017  By Tim (NY)
I have always used ASP on duty for almost my entire 18 years on the job so when I heard about these I had to test them.

They are excellent and are now my daily carry. Like another reviewer stated, this pair has all the benefits of ASP cuffs without the extra weight.

Strong, secure, perform as well as my steel bow ASP except lightweight and that much easier to handle. In this field of work if it makes things even the slightest bit easier, it's a plus. Recommended.
   ASP Ultra Handcuffs, August 24, 2016  By Myron Allen (Puyallup, WA)
Light, smooth operation, & I like having key holes on both sides. I wish I would have bought this brand at first!
   ASP Steel Bow Handcuffs, August 16, 2016  By Anonymous (Dallas, TX)
These are lightweight and go on very easy! When every second counts in getting a subject cuffed quickly these ASP steel bow cuffs get the job done. I can't say enough good about them. Used as a daily carry without the weight. You won't be disappointed!
   Escape Artist, July 15, 2016  By William (LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, OH)
Very light weight.
As an escape artist, found them more difficult to pick than the average handcuff.

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