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ASP Ultra Chain Training Handcuffs

Part Number: ASP07486  

ASP training Ultra handcuffs are identical to their operational counterparts except for the locking mechanisms. They can be cased, carried, and presented in the same manner as their tactical twins. They have slip pawls that open by pulling them back open. No keys or dials to turn. The handcuffed student need only roll the wrists to release the handcuffs. .

Training Cuffs may also be double locked. Once the secondary lock is activated, hard cuffs can only be removed by using a key to release the pawl. This design feature allows progressive restraint training. 

During ASP Handcuff Training, students initially apply restraints to Training Batons and remove the cuffs by sliding them off. Next, students apply restraints to other trainees, having the subject remove the cuffs by rotating their wrists. Finally, hard cuffs are applied and double locked. Double and single locks are released with a key that is turned in the direction of the bow. This progressive training system maximizes restraint application while allowing officers to practice all components of the handcuff skill set
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   ASP Training Handcuffs, October 31, 2018  By Leroy Farris (Columbia, TN)(Verified)
ASP makes a fantastic set of Training Handcuffs, not necessary to use a key for repetative applications.

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