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ASP Guardian Logo Handcuff Key, Stainless, ASP Eagle

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ASP Guardian Logo Handcuff Key, Stainless, ASP Eagle
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   Hefty and Sturdy, May 27, 2016  By Philip (Birmingham, AL)
I was somewhat surprised by the size and heft of this key. Not surprised in a bad way though. It is about 3" long. This is also a sturdy and great looking key. It has the ASP Eagle on one side, and the ASP Arrow on the other. The key has the backset key flag as is found on most all ASP keys.

The key at the logo area is about .8" wide, and .27" thick. The size of the logo, being the part of the key that is held when using it, as well as its texture, gives you good purchase on the key when holding it. The width gives you plenty of torque to turn the key without too much effort.

The key worked excellently in ASP handcuffs (duh!) as well as Smith & Wesson handcuffs. The key was a little less reliable when it came to some other handcuffs. Some Peerless Model 700's would not open with this key. The key would not inserts most Hiatt Handcuffs, and on the Safariland/Hiatt pair that it did fit into it would not activate all 3 of the triple pawls because of the back set key flag.

I would say that if you use ASP and/or Smith & Wesson handcuffs, this will serve you greatly as a key, especially if it is in a visible location. It is a good looking, sturdy key, but you will probably want to carry a backup key on you key ring (I suggest the Peerless Standard Handcuff Key) for other cuffs you might encounter.

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