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ASP Blue Line Aluminum Ultra Hinged Handcuffs 56016

Part Number: ASP56016  

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New from ASP. Blue line hinged handcuffs! Hinged handcuffs are more restrictive than chain link cuffs. The new ASP Ultra Handcuffs are the most advanced cuffs on the market. Featuring lightweight construction, smooth edges, and conical bows. These are the only handcuffs on the market that have keyholes & double locking slots on both sides of the cheek plate. ASP handcuffs no longer utilize a polymer overmold. The whole handcuff is constructed of steel and forged aluminum, making them superior. The blue line handcuff is all black, with a blue strip on each cuff. 

ASP Ultra handcuffs engrave very nicely. The white lettering created when we laser engrave these handcuffs results in a high contrast, permanent and very visible marking. 

 Average Rating:  5 Star Rating
 based on 4 Customer Reviews  
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   ASP Blue line cuffs, April 9, 2020  By Steve (Callao, VA)(Verified)
These handcuffs are the easiest to use and are very well made. Being a LEO, it is vital that my equipment is first rate and I do not ever need to worry about these cuffs in the field.
   Superior Handcuffs, November 22, 2019  By K9 Tank (FL)
They are very durable yet lightweight. Best cuffs I have used! Well worth it!
   Excellent Handcuffs!, July 24, 2019  By Anonymous (Indianapolis, IN)(Verified)
I am replacing a very old pair of hinged cuffs from another brand, which were great but were starting to rust. I got these and am very impressed and how light yet strong they are. The blue line is a very nice distinguishing feature as well and will prevent my cuffs from not being returned to me when transferring a detainee. It is not merely paint either, but is the polymer layer itself being blue in color. I highly recommend these!
   Asp Blue Line Hinged Handcuffs, February 27, 2019  By Anonymous (New Town, ND)(Verified)
Great hand cuffs.

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