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ASP Locking Transport Belt

Part Number: ASP56177  


The ASP Restraint Kit allows handcuffs to remain secured on the subject while the transport system is administered, adjusted, or removed.

The nylon restraint belt that is included in this kit utilizes a tongue that slips through slots on the belt itself, then through a passage that is featured on the Rigid Ultra Cuffs. The auto-engaging lock is then attached to the opposite end of the tongue and any excess chain is able to be secured behind the detainee’s back via the clip featured on the end of the belt. The Restraint Kit is highly useful for law enforcement officers, courtroom officials, and correctional agents.   

This Restraint Kit includes a nylon restraint belt, two cylinder keys, auto engaging lock, and zippered storage case.

To be used with ASP Rigid Ultra Cuffs only. Sold Separately.

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