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Sierra Bravo Handcuff Pouch by 5.11

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5.11® Sierra Bravo Handcuff Pouches are the new standard in utility storage for law enforcement professionals, tactical operators, and private security personnel worldwide. Designed to provide maximum durability in any environment and reliable accessibility while on the move, these lightweight pouches are precision engineered for compatibility with all standard Law Enforcement utility formats. A hardened 1680D nylon exterior layer absorbs shock and sheds moisture, while a high density interior minimizes rattle and keeps your gear stable and secure. If you're looking for the perfect tactical or duty rig, match up a set of Sierra Bravo Duty Pouches with the Sierra Bravo Duty Belt, available exclusively from 5.11 Tactical®.


  • Great pouch, securing snap is a pain though

    Posted by Aaron on Jan 29th 2020

    I run a 5.11 Sierra Bravo duty belt, with the majority of pouches being SB as well. I love the quality of the belt and pouches, absolutely top notch. My only complaint with this pouch or any of the SB stuff is the cuff pouch securing snap. When I insert my cuffs in the pouch, there is a gap where the snap is located on the pouch. It is a huge pain to secure the closing flap because as you press in to snap it closed, the gap lets the pouch give. It needs a firm piece of plastic or something where the snaps meet, inside where the cuffs go so when you press in, it is firm and lets it snap. Its hard to explain what Im saying, hope you can visualize it. I have two pouches for both of my cuffs, and both pouches are the same way. So I assume that was the intended design. Doesnt make too much sense to me, but who am I?I do like their products, and will run these pouches for a while until they wear out, then I will look for different pouches.

  • Nice pouch

    Posted by Ross D Richardson on Oct 11th 2016

    Very easy to carry a set of handcuffs on any belt.